Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Meet in Person?

No. We use Zoom. You can be anywhere in the world.

If your company would like to arrange several successive sessions spanning a half-day and you are near Atlanta, please contact us to make local-arrangements. Or, if you’d like another on-site arrangement, let’s talk.


Venmo, PayPal, or select credit cards. Payment is required before the first conversation.

Do I Get a Certificate?

There are no certificates. Growing language skills is a continual process. You will feel more comfortable conversing with strangers, friends, and colleagues as you learn.

Can I Repeat?

Yes. Our conversations will rarely overlap. We might cover the same category, but the topics within will change. Refine your skills as much as you like.

What Level of Fluency is Required?

We presume you are at an intermediate level with English. To us, this means you can adequately engage people in conversation. You might still struggle to respond quickly or to find the correct word.

We presently don’t teach ESL. Our students are ready to have an English conversation today.

If you are interested on ESL, we encourage you to explore a local church, library, or an organization like World Relief.

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