What Classes Are Like

8 Lessons of 45min

Learn English by Speaking English

Imagine we are sitting at a table with a cup of tea or coffee with old friends. The difference is someone will guide the conversation, and help the speakers refine how they say things. This crucial soft-skill will help you professionally, personally, and socially.

Fun, Engaging, Educational

We will start each session with a personal question. We will get to know something about each other.

Then, we’ll introduce the topic. Every conversation will focus on things you encounter each day: food, family, hobbies, and more.

Learn how to engage others, and how to lead the conversation. Learn when to speak with contractions, how to pause appropriately, and the best ways of asking questions.

We’ll speak the American-style of English. Of course, the United States has several major dialects many regional variations. We will focus on the classic Midwestern dialect. Our leader grew up in the center of the Midwest, in Chicago, so you will hear English spoken as most of the center of America speaks it.

No preparation required, but we’ll have suggestions for each week. to challenge yourself to improve.

Classes are informal. Relaxed. Everyone gets involved. It is safe, letting you learn as you go.

Level - Intermediate

This is for the student who knows English as a second language, but struggles to feel relaxed in everyday conversation.

Level - Advanced

This is for the student who is comfortable speaking English and wants to develop skills in more sophisticated topics.



Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST

8 week course

Classes begin on the hour. Be ready to have an energetic, interesting conversation.

Ready to Improve Your English Conversational Skills?

Contact us to schedule your place at the table. Let us know the day and time you prefer. If you have at least three people, we can start immediately.

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